Art is witness. Art is #resistance .

It began in the middle of this last summer, another hotter than before, smoke drifting into our bowl shaped city from fires raging statewide.  Then, too, the presidential race was heating up, often uncomfortably so, smoke being blown this way and that across the states. I quickly realized that when I wasn't outside doing summery … Continue reading Art is witness. Art is #resistance .


´╗┐How is it possible we are here?  What seemed a publicity stunt was ratified by the Repulican Party. There were warning signs.  It's just that the many, the majority, the committed to continuing progress in our country did not, could not, would not believe that the worst could happen. On any planet.  As soon as … Continue reading #Thankyouobamas

Diary of a Minecraft Boy

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl who ate words for her meals and lived off of their sustenance in her imagination.   She dreamed that one day, her fairytale would unfold as most did; complete with a forest, long swinging hair, a long spinny dress, singing birds and squirrels, a castle, and … Continue reading Diary of a Minecraft Boy