One day off

I see your theory
of relativity
In the moonlight
seeing opportunity

Intoxicating is
the scent of the night
Do I have enough
me for this fight

This day has
darkened like the
night without a moon
I cannot see any way
we’ll be free soon

Yesterday seems
so young and innocent
Like sunlit photos
in my memory I’ve spent

So much of day
adjusting to this normal new
And all my night
just dreaming how I find you

Coming back to me
it’s not a mystery
How much I miss the time
when it seemed we had hours
to sit under the tree

Find your voice today
use it in the night
And when you see the dawn
begins to shine

Keep standing for the good and honest and truth
I need you
to stand with me
as proof

That we still love
There are stars above
Fill the sky
Push back the lies


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