Thirsty work and trees

The water had been boiling for a time. A long time. Longer than I had anticipated. Much longer than I was prepared for. And ridiculously long for an early morning.  The window pane for my ideal Instagram of camping coffee in an understated PNW mug held in my hand over a snapping campfire with the … Continue reading Thirsty work and trees

Not In Love

It is February 4, 2016. I am laminating loads of conversation heart papers for my preschoolers to use next week to give them an opportunity to work on their colors, letters, counting, and most likely, eating their weight in "Be mine" and "UR Cool". It's a very soothing and satisfying, slightly mindless activity, laminating, which … Continue reading Not In Love

A Disaster, Naturally

It's not so much the encompassing dark. Or the bitter cold that seeps into every crevice and bone. Beyond that, it is the uncertainty that steals in with every breath and drags behind with every step. It is Thanksgiving. And nine days ago, my city, and surrounding areas, was devastated by a wind storm with … Continue reading A Disaster, Naturally