The Blueprints


They were plain. Hewn from the wood of thousands year old trees.

Taken, not given. It would be much too late when that was realized.

But they built.

Out of misshapen pieces that would later be named. Some that seemed like worthy pieces would be deemed unstable.

But all were usable. Not only usable but stronger than was previously, originally thought.

The ones shaped out of three sides.

The long and narrow pieces.

Ones square and sturdy.

And the curved and gracefully arched ones. Those took the longest to be used as they were designed to be incorporated.

It needs to be said that the land they built upon, it was meant for every child to use, to share, to feast on.

But as will happen often when heady power meets open generosity, some took what was not theirs to take.

This land, it was like and unlike any theā€¦

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