In the deep

There are no words

for this

No answers to my


Can’t undo what needs


Left with weighted


No peace to be


Broken hearts torn


Hard to breathe beneath the


Please someone



No escape from


Awake I see you


Close my eyes I see you


How will I live


Deep calls to deep

calls to deep

Calls to deep

Calls to deep….

2/14/18: in parkland, Florida, on Valentines Day, 17 students and teachers were killed. By gun violence. By the most violent of weapons. This time, our ineffective GOP leaders and NRA aren’t getting a free pass. The kids of that school are mobilized, passionate and compassionate. And uncompromising. I am so here for this, for them. It seems a basic right of living in America should be freedom to be in public without fear of violence. Especially for the vulnerable in our society. Otherwise, we are living in a country where a terrorist organization is aided and abetted by our leaders. And unimaginable is the weight of grief and sorrow that all families and friends carry for the loss of their loved ones to gun violence. This time, there will be change, whether you agree with it or not. Our children are pleading for our help, begging for their lives.

9/13/17: mourning the loss of a student at a nearby high school and the loss of security, innocence and peace, however fragile, that we held in this area. This should never be the experience of any child, teacher or school day. Our hearts are broken. #freemanstrong

5/17:too many beautiful lives lost this week. In Manchester gut-wrenching loss; in sports, in music, of friends…

5/30/17:: not even a week has passed and there are more lost, to hate crimes and attacks, on innocent people…this is sickening and cannot stand. We cannot stand by and allow this. It has been going on a thousand times too long in this country; targeting of black male citizens of this country, people of color from our Indigenous nations, immigrants, and increasingly directed violence towards anyone white-supremacists deem different, and now, against those who stand up to stop violent speech and hate acts. How many people have to lose their lives, and their and their families freedom and justice before we say no? These are not random, and it is a frightening pattern. This is not what our country was designed for. There are debates about our democracy and constitution and government to be had, and times for them. Now, though, now those who stand against hate in all freedom-denying forms, the time is for action.


3 thoughts on “In the deep

    1. messyjoyfull says:

      ❤️he certainly does – His spirit intercedes for us with cries too deep for words to express- God gave me melody yest for this too, I’d written two verses, and added the third later- first time I’d played piano since ??? ❤️


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