How is it possible we are here? 

What seemed a publicity stunt was ratified by the Repulican Party.

There were warning signs. 

It’s just that the many, the majority, the committed to continuing progress in our country did not, could not, would not believe that the worst could happen. On any planet. 

As soon as the election results (gulp) woke me on my radio alarm clock November 9, 2016, though, I knew that the worst had happened. 

And nothing was going to be better, or great, or tolerable as long as the electorate-voted president-elect was going to be in the most visible position in America.

Oh. My. Beautiful. Country. 

My NFL team lost last weekend. Lost big, in most painful ways. Mistakes, accidents, domino effect slips and slides all led to the unbearable end to the Seahawks season. We can debate and talk about all the reasons for the loss. 

But right now, it just feels like one more good thing gone wrong.

What did I ever do to you January? We made a deal, remember at 12:01, January 1st, 2017? You were there. And we all agreed that this year was not going to be even close to last year. 

You were going to let people live, reunite a country, take my team to the SuperBowl and bring to a halt the avalanche of financial emergency situations that had begun my winter. 

This Monday was ‘Blue Monday’. The third Monday of January, which will typically find those on the verge at their very most stressed and depressed. The holidays gone. The bills piled high. Vitamin D levels in the basement.

But this year, it didn’t feel terrible because instead, being Martin Luther King Jr. day, I could focus on celebrating not only a man, and his incredible legacy, but also remember that when our country has shown its very ugliest worst, there are those who rise up and show how a person can stir in a nation the very best and most beautiful.

But this Friday.

I’m not ready. 

I don’t like saying goodbye to people I like listening to and learning from. To people who make me better. To people I love. 

This is going to be hard, so much, much harder than I wish it ever had to be.

I don’t know what kind of world we will wake to tomorrow.

But tonight, Thursday, January 19, 2017, I need to say thank you.
President Obama, First Lady Michelle, Sasha and Malia,

Thank you. 

So much. In so many ways. For sharing your time. Your gifts. 

For serving our country as a family as gracious, intelligent, and insightful a group of people in the White House as I can remember.

 I cried joy tears watching both inaugurations, at the beauty of seeing a deserving, committed servant of the people pledging to do his utmost to think of, protect, and preserve all of the people under his governance and with who he would share governing our land. 

For being a man that I have proudly pointed out to my sons as worthy to emulate.

For modeling healthy parenting, mother and father, in an exquisite manner, at every turn. 

For all of the sacrifices each of you have made over eight plus years. 

For playing, talking and enjoying sports, the outdoors and physical activity. 

And for enduring with such grace all of the unspeakably painful times you experienced. 

Michelle, I just love you. As a mom myself, as a woman, as an American. I know that you spoke to and for so many women during your time in this position Michelle. 

But you spoke to me, too. 

I heard, be strong in who you are. Stand for truth unflinchingly. Do not apologize for saying the things that need to be said in a way they need to be said. Laugh. Cry. Dance. Wear whatever you feel good in. 

Thank you for rising to the challenge and elevating the role of the first spouse. 

Thank you President Obama, for daring to incite a revolution. Of the audacious kind. Of Hope.

Hope from start to finish.

From my state of Washington to Washington DC, 

May God bless all of you,

Thank you for blessing the United States of America.

–Hollie Joy Jantz Eastman


4 thoughts on “#Thankyouobamas

  1. Julia Putzke says:

    It’s really early in the morning over here and I should probably be asleep, but I have to say, I love you and your honesty so very much. This is going to sound ignorant (if that’s the right word), but I haven’t paid attention to what today is because I honestly didn’t know it is today and my heart cannot take much more debates and splits and ugh. So instead, I’m praying God gives wisdom and his love will lead the way because WE ALLL NEED IT SO DESPERATELY. I also feel like when I hear news now my heart sinks or numbs. So truth is where I’m staying. (working on reading the whole bible this year. 😍) and lastly, your hashtag title 🙋

    Love you, soul sister ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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