I miss my heart

Where did it go

It beat so fast

I was too slow

To notice you, then.

Is time a trick

Played by our minds

Do we exist

One place in time.

Clock don’t block

This heart from time

To find the one

I need to find.

The hardest thing to believe-

In all your choices

All those times-

With none of them

You chose me.

Missing you forever

When we’re not side by side

I only want you happy

At least I know I tried.

So I’ll go back to reading history

And let you choose the one you seek to be.

Just know in any time

I’ll always have your back

Like you had mine.

Will my words

On the page

Come back to haunt

Another day.

We fought so hard

To save the world,

To find the ones we lost.

In between fate and luck

Did we find ourselves in love…

I’ll know you through time…

totally inspired by the show Timeless and most definitely my story too


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