21 Shades of Purple: take 2

Our previously scheduled program will air next week at this time, in order to bring you another article from my 11 year old son, Haden (my feature writer).  He's the one with the backwards white Seahawks cap in the picture which was taken (by me) at the Russell Wilson Passing Academy in Vancouver, BC this … Continue reading 21 Shades of Purple: take 2

the heartbeat of a home

Wind speaks through the wire fence.  Ghosts of the past creak in the rusty hinges on the barn doors.  Long grass rustles and shivers and prickles the skin on my legs. There's the swing set my boys have all swung on.  Precarious, uncemented, it always threatens to fall over when they swing too high, ensuring … Continue reading the heartbeat of a home

21 Shades of Purple

Today I'm introducing a regular feature writer:  My eleven year old son, Haden.  He has more than a passing interest in football; he lives, he eats and he breathes Football.  Last year he played junior tackle football, this year he opted out. Today I told him that since he isn't playing a sport this fall, … Continue reading 21 Shades of Purple