Falling like a slow motion snowglobe

floating in a world all your own design

And if I get buried beneath the drifts

All you have to do is shake up my universe

I’m much prettier this way

seeing me in miniature

You can’t hear my words through the music box


playing the me you love

over and over again

Out of sight

out of mind

I’m easier to hold

Keep me high on your shelf

So I won’t fall and break

your heart


But the higher the climb

the farther the fall

Please free me

quake the earth

so I shatter

if you cut yourself on the glass

you may bleed

that’s how you’ll know your heart is

beating for me

They say every snowflake is

unique in design

If that’s the truth

why haven’t you found

me and made you mine.

because this isn’t real

too many unspoken rules

and words are all I have

to unlock the encrypted code

to free you from fear.

Please free me

quake the earth

so I fall and I shatter

and you see me

for the first time again,

crystal clear

melting from my frozen photograph.

So this is me

captive no more

full of a passionate fire

that could burn you down

if you let me close

but I’m not unaware

of your strong and fragile heart

in that lonely box

Now I know how to build my fire and

let the embers glow

I’ll wait here, warm my hands

while you add up the miles you’ve gone

and the miles to go

and take the courage to pick that lock

and find your way

to my flame

to our home

I am free

the earth quaked and shattered me

i know you see me

in a whole new way

from far away

seasons change

i know that’s true

some winters last so long

we forget our song

I’ll keep this campfire burning

and I’ll keep this hope alive

that with each time the earth is turning

it’s bringing you closer to my side


13 thoughts on “quake

    1. messyjoyfull says:

      Oh my goodness why did I just see this?!?? And yes I did and have been saving it as a treat! Also my iPad and phone aren’t communicating effectively so I’ve not seen things correctly 😠


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