Haden’s Way Too Early Playoff Bracket Super Bowl 50!!

In the beautiful state of Washington, as flowers open, grass grows green and birds chirp in the trees,  schoolchildren and teachers in every town and city have set aside real and meaningful learning, and taken on stress and expectations, to instead take a new special standardized test. Don’t ask me the name, I will use a sentence with a curse word.  Of my boys, my sixth grader and my third grader have been testing. 

They are a microcosm of the vast differences between learning styles and test taking paces. That is to say that true to character, Liam takes much longer time to a. start looking at the question. b. actually read the question. c. re-read the question because they are written in secret code. d. write out the lengthy answer required.  Sometimes he also likes to doodle his name to add something extra to a paper. Haden, on the other hand, approaches the test as something to conquer, and be done.  In record time.

This is how Haden gave me a surprise (and welcome) blog post today.  He said he finished his test quickly, and so while the other students toiled on, he said his choices were to read, draw or well, just be quiet.  He said he’d been able to write the post because “I was so bored.”  Thus, he saved not only himself from jumping up and running out of the room, he saved me from coming up with and writing something that I even wanted to show anybody.  I’m full of words this week, however, they seem to be jumbled up and joined in a big messy scribble in my head. So, here’s Haden’s fun look into the 2015 NFL season. 

AFC Seeds

  1. Indianapolis Colts
  2. New England Patriots 
  3. Denver Broncos
  4. Baltimore Ravens
  5. Pittsburg Steelers
  6. Houston Texans

NFC Seeds

  1. Green Bay Packers
  2. Arizona Cardinals
  3. Dallas Cardinals
  4. Carolina Panthers
  5. Seattle Seahawks
  6. Detroit Loins

AFC Wild Cards

Texans @ Broncos-January 10th
Steelers @ Ravens-January 9th

NFC Wild Cards

Lions @ Cowboys-January 10th

Seahawks @ Panthers-January 9th
AFC Divisional Round

Raven’s @ Colts-January 16th

Broncos @ Patriots-January 17th

NFC Divisional Round

*Seahawks @ Packers-January 16th

Cowboys @ Cardinals-January 17th

AFC Championship 

Patriots @ Colts-January 24th

NFC Championship

Cardinals @ Packers-January 24th

SUPER BOWL 50 (thank goodness one number I don’t have to decipher)

San Francisco

Colts vs. Cardinals

February 7th


In related news, Haden has been playing after-school sixth grade flag football, and is having a really great time.  I’ve enjoyed that the games go for less than an hour, and no one really gets hurt. Except for the kid this week who’s nose meet another person’s knee.  Other than that, good, clean competition all around. And even more than that, Haden’s team is exactly why I love sports, because done well, you see kids grow in confidence and friendships and intangibles that pay off over time.  He loves nothing else like football; I’m deeply grateful that this time around, football has loved him back.

*If you’ve read any of my sports related posts, then you know that I am a Seahawks fan, a twelve.  However, I am still going through some relationship struggles with them.  I’ve been sick, then in disbelief, then mad, then sad, and now I’ve transitioned to a sort of acceptance.  But I’m disappointed, and after all we’ve been through, I am hesitant to trust again.  It’s going to take some time before we talk, much less have fun again. I’m done.



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