This Moment

It seems as of late that going away, getting away to somewhere, anywhere means a song comes back home with me.  I wrote this one at Camp Lutherhaven, in the ampitheatre, in early evening.  If you’ve been there before, you know what a special place it is.  And as a friend once said, God shows up in some pretty amazing ways there at camp. 

You are this close to me

I feel you in this place

You come and meet with me

Invisible, but as real as the wind

touching my face…

this moment.

I’ll take this branch from my path

You drag the log out of my way

You come to me with so much more

I still wonder at your love, for this

ash heart in clay…

this moment.

I say I’d do anything for you

Your eyes bring me to tears

We both know the truth of it is

I’m weak but your strength goes on for years

and years and years…

this moment.

You hold me in Your embrace 

And I know you’ll stay with me,

but leaving this holy place

means the chance that we will never be


in this moment.

Clouds and stars and rocks and trees

framed in these crossing beams

My eyes will never grow tired

of sun and moon beams

reflecting you

back to me…. 


this moment.



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