Mountains in the Dark

There are mountains in this dark, outside my window glass
beyond my reach, to touch or see,
what I need to breathe tonight.

These mountains in the dark
under star-skaped skies
shine and hold in their place,
unlike this wandering heart.

That star-shine in the deep
cannot navigate the space
that’s beating between you and me;
for paths to cross means believing in what you cannot see.

Those mountains in the dark
stand sentinals in my mind
give me courage and the faith
to wait, on me, on you, on time.

I’ll walk this road as it leads
and live the miles between
until we meet to touch and see
Our mountains in that dark.

Oh mountains crowned in white
once wore coats stitched
of Dirt and ash and mud
What will we wear, emerging from this fire-
Into the light.

Into the light, I’ll be afraid, Don’t be afraid,
You’ll take my hand, And we’ll climb…

The road I follow
follows me
begging views at what’s behind;
Moving forward on this lonely stretch
I’m still afraid I’ll lose my mind.

Windshield raindrops
Running down my face
Collecting all the said and dones
cannot flood away,
the aching
the longing
to be
Climbing these mountains as you and me make we.

read more about where this poem/song came from here


2 thoughts on “Mountains in the Dark

    1. messyjoyful says:

      oh, thank you!! that means so much coming from you, my singer songwriter sister!! I was pretty nervous posting it, even to you=), and yes, it felt very vulnerable!! thank you for your sweet support~~i definetly am missing you!!=)


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