21 Shades of Purple: Post-NFL Season or Moving on

The NFL season ended in a game that most think was a “good game”. It felt crushing to me (Seahawks fan), and to Haden, (11 3/4), who writes this column (sort of), it was a fitting and just end. (Cardinals fan).

This year, he has decided to embrace all sports; he has recently begun to watch basketball with far more interest, hockey with equally more interest (his uncle and dad love), and even tennis and golf. I will happily attend one out of four of those events with him.

He told me on our trip, when I suggested that he write about his favorite things we saw at the NFL Experience, that he “can’t write and isn’t good at it.” This is false, he has a fantastic imagination and huge vocabulary; I can sum up his desire to write only in lists in four words: Writing takes too long.

So, for now, I will continue to write his before and after pieces to his lists. And he will continue watch all sorts of sporting events and practice shooting baskets and saying he sucks at shooting baskets.

1. Phoenix Suns (we went to our first NBA together in Phoenix!)
2. Chicago Bulls
3. New Orleans Pelicans
4. Miami Heat
5. Portland Trailblazers (surprised he listed this so low, they’re so close!)
6. Minnesota Timberwolves
7. Houston Rockets
8. Los Angeles Lakers
9. Oklahoma City Thunder
10. Cleveland Cavaliers
11. Toronto Raptors (wait, we can’t have a team in Seattle, but we can in Canada??)
12. Milwaukee Bucks
13. Memphis Grizzlies
14. Utah Jazz (He told me no less than five times that this is Utah’s ONLY professional team; and how could the state stand that?!?!)
15. Denver Nuggets
16. Charlotte Hornets
17. Detroit Pistons
18. Boston Celtics
19. Sacramento Kings
20. Indiana Pacers
21. Brooklyn Nets
22. New York Knicks
23. Orlando Magic
24. Los Angeles Clippers (whoa, didn’t I just type this; there’s two teams in LA?! This must all be about money.)
25. Philadelphia 76ers
26. Washington Wizards
27. Atlanta Hawks
28. San Antonio Spurs
29. Golden State Warriors (that’s four teams in sunny Cali)
30. Dallas Mavericks

1. Chicago Blackhawks (one of the original teams, I know that)
2. Arizona Coyotes (we visited the team shop and saw the outside of the stadium in Phoenix; it’s across the street from the AZ Cardinals stadium)
3. New Jersey Devils (Uncle MIke’s fav team; he’s from Jersey)
4. Pittsburg Penguins
5. Montreal Canadiens (wins least creative team name award from me)
6. Minnesota Wild
7. Tampa Bay Lightning
8. Vancouver Canucks (didn’t find anything Canucks for sale when we were in Vancouver last summer)
9. Colorado Avalanche
10. Boston Bruins
11. Detroit Red Wings
12. Toronto Maple Leafs (those maple leafs are ferocious fighters, ya know)
13. Calgary Flames
14. San Jose Sharks
15. ST. Louis Blues
16. Carolina Hurricanes
17. Florida Panthers
18. Anaheim Ducks
19. Ottowa Senators (seriously, these Canadian teams need better names)
20. Buffalo Sabres
21. Winnipeg Jets
22. Edmonton Oilers (really)
23. Columbus Blue Jackets
24. Nashville Predators (scary)
25. Dallas Stars
26. Los Angeles Kings (what, only one NHL team?)
27. Washington Capitols (ok, that’s as bad as the Canadian team names)
28. New York Islanders (sounds far more exotic a location than it is)
29. New York Rangers
30. Philadelphia Flyers (I give up)

And so, you have it. And I’ve had it with sports for the day.
-Hollie (& Haden)


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