NFL Favorite Teams: 21 Shades of Purple

It has been awhile, I know. I’ve had more technology drama than is really necessary this past month. I believe I touched on that in my Thanksgiving post. And now, I have access to not one, but two beautiful Mac products for blogging to my heart’s content.
The hell with Dell is my feeling. So, a shout out to my sister, Heidi for the beautiful, amazing Mac she left me when she left in August. Yep. It’s been sitting in plain sight, this whole time. Just waiting for me to brave a keyboard again.
And on my birthday, I gave myself a sweet present; a 2014 Apple I-Pad Air 2 complete with the most memory I could get in store, Apple service agreement with real people for if I have problems (probably never, being that I purchased the extra year), and a keyboard to click away, anywhere, anytime.
All of this to say, Haden’s blog post has been (un)patiently sitting by my Mac Daddy here for three weeks.
If you’ve followed the Seahawks and the Cardinals this mid to end season, you’ll know the ongoing saga; Haden’s favorite team, the Cardinals. Mine, the Seahawks.
The Cardinals ran into some sketchy luck losing their first QB, Carson Palmer, then some pretty awful luck in losing their backup QB, Drew Stanton. So, somehow still 11-3 (probably their defense) they face the Seahawks tomorrow, for the Sunday night game, in Phoenix, AZ.
And the Seahawks, well, my boys are back in town. That’s a longer story for another day, but they are healthy(ish), playing like Pete’s team, for each other and looking at a 10-4 record.
The playoffs are in the site-lines of both teams, so it looks to be an epic game. Maybe. It just depends who shows up on both teams. I know the Cardinals third back up QB, Ryan Lindley, gets zero vote of confidence from everyone but his word-slingin’ coach, Bruce Arians. And even Haden holds out no hope for a win against the Hawks.
Knowing this a couple of weeks back, when both of our teams managed a W, I suggested that we prepare emotionally for this matchup. We both have a lot of team pride wrapped up in the outcome, not to mention childlike love of the two teams.
So, my proposal: Either we picked each other’s team to win, and then we’d win a prize if our team lost. Or, we picked our own team to win, and then we’d…ok, I’m so confused on this already, and Haden and I talked about it for ten minutes today, both of us sick with viruses of some kind that have left us incapable of real conversation.
The final bet: You’ve got me, I just made sure we both agreed that if our team loses, we win. The prize.
Mid-season also witnessed Haden’s hope for his beloved Cards fading fast, as well as some other teams he’d picked earlier, so instead of rankings, he cleverly switched to favorites. Here it is.

NFL Favorite Teams: By Haden Eastman, 11
1. Arizona Cardinals (Larry Fitz has been his fav since third grade)
2. Seattle Seahawks (Liam, mine and Mark’s fav)
3. Jacksonville Jaguars (Finn’s fav)
4. Minnesota Vikings (because of the purple, and because I’ve been to Minn/St. Paul, so he may think he has a good shot of talking me into going there)
5. New Orleans Saints (Liam’s second, my top five)
6. Green Bay Packers…(now, that’s just not right….)
7. Detroit Lions (two words for why I don’t like: Golden Tate)
8. Kansas City Chiefs (again, not right)
9. Baltimore Ravens (purple, won the SB a couple years back)
10. Cincinnati Bengals (good QB)
11. Atlanta Falcons (bird??)
12. Philadelphia Eagles (they’ve disappointed him here at the end)
13. Miami Dolphins (don’t get it)
14. Cleveland Rams (yuck)
15. Houston Texans (who?)
16. New York Giants (hm)
17. St. Louis Rams (why are there two Rams? yuck again)
18. Buffalo Bills (just sounds like a wings place to me)
19. Carolina Panthers (likes Cam Newton)
20. Washington Redskins (like they can’t think of ANY other name. Really.)
21. New England Patriots (well, I’ve come to like Tom Brady, also)
22. Denver Broncos (why this isn’t at the end, I do not know)
23. Indianapolis Colts (also, who?)
24. Tennessee Titans (I do like Nashville, I’d like to go someday)
25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (rrr, Matey)
26. Oakland Raiders (longtime yucky)
27. Chicago Bears (I mean, they had the best SNL sketches in the 80’s)
28. New York Jets (is that the other Manning kid’s team?)
29. Pittsburg Steelers ( ) I got nothing.
30. San Diego Chargers (Yuck. I really dislike them this year)
31. San Francisco 49ers (they’ll always deserve a spot on the nemesis list for the Hawks-good bye old frenemy Jim)
32. Dallas Cowboys (why are they doing good this year?)

All comments in () are my thoughts and opinions only. I won’t let Haden read this edited version.
So, Happy Almost Playoffs, Almost Merry Christmas, Almost Bowl Game Extravaganza Season…and we’ll see you in the Super Bowl (the Hawks I mean)!!


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