21 Shades of Purple: The High Price of Football; Who Wins? Who Loses?

Football is a famed and fun American tradition.  Families celebrate on Sundays and watch their favorite team play.  But have you ever thought about the risks of football?

Most NFL Players life spans are shortened by almost 20 years! Some players commit suicide because of the pain of C.T.E (brain damage).  Also, the average salary for an NFL player is $2 million.  In the NBA, the average is $4.5 million for less injuries.  The NFL is the richest league, yet they can’t pay players more than about six other leagues.

All the money comes from the TV channels, which, in 2013 all signed a contract that gives the NFL more money.  The TV stations money comes from commercials, which in the Super Bowl, average $1.7 million per commercial.  The more watched the station, the more money they get.

In football, there are winners and losers.  The fans and players are losers and the owners are winners.The fans lose because of what they pay  A family of four could go to a game, buy some jerseys, and food and get a bad seat and pay up to $400!  That’s enough for a mid-size TV to watch the game on.

The players lose because of their low salaries and high brain damage.  Scientists tested 79 brains of deceased NFL players, and 76 had brain damage.  That’s 90.2 percent of football players with brain damage!

The owners win because they become rich because of their team.  They sit in the suites, watch the game, and don’t get injured.

All in all, even though football is fun to watch, think about the risks the players are taking for less money.  So the next time you watch football, think about who wins and who loses.

Editors Note: aka Mom:

Haden brought home this assignment Friday, and had to type it up.  I was shocked at his nonchalant attitude about homework on the weekend, but he said it was fine because it was about football.  Once I read it, I told him we could post it too.  Two for one, that’s our kind of deal.

Also, Haden asked me to include a caveat:

“Even with all the risks, I would still play football! It’s too fun!”.

Ok.  So his persuasive article didn’t even persuade him.



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