21 Shades of Purple: Re-Deux

After a couple of weeks of Inactive status, Haden Eastman returns to his weekly column, in no small part due to me (his mom) having gone through 47 other ideas for what he could do tonight that wasn’t boring.  I suggested that since the season is half way over, he give his updated predictions.

Oh how things have changed…


AFC seeds

1. Broncos (AFC west)

2. Patriots (AFC east)

3. Colts (AFC south)

4. Ravens (AFC north)

5. Chiefs (wcard)

6. Browns (wcard)

NFC seeds

1. Cardinals (NFC west)

2. Eagles (NFC east)

3. Lions (NFC north)

4. Saints (NFC south)

5. Cowboys (wcard)

6. Seahawks (wcard)

AFC playoffs

Browns @ Colts (wildcard)~Colts win

Chiefs @ Ravens (wildcard)~Chiefs win

Chiefs @ Broncos (divisional)~Broncs win*

Colts @ Patriots (divisional)~Pats win**

Patriots @ Broncos (AFC Champ.)~Broncos win

NFC playoffs

Cowboys @ Saints (wildcard)~Cowboys win

Seahawks @ Lions (wildcard)~Lions win***

Cowboys @ Cardinals (divisional)~Cardinals win

Lions @ Eagles (divisional)~Eagles win

Eagles @ Cardinals (NFC champ.)~Eagles win****


Broncos vs. Eagles in Phoenix, AZ*****

Broncos 45-35 champs******


*I was super tired typing this so Haden had to come read it to me.  He also disagreed with my decision to shorten Broncos to Broncs, as it was only one more letter to type.  I disagreed with him.

**Similar situation to above abbrev. except that he protested the shortening of Patriots to Pats because only Pats fans call them Pats.  I didn’t care.

***Haden has un-friended the Seahawks, and I will not repeat what he has said about them recently, but I told him that true Twelves stick by the Hawks through Superbowl and Superbad seasons. Okay, I said something like that and I just now came up with the alliteration, but it’s pretty stinking amazing!  He also said that they would have no chance against the Lions at Detroit.

****I’ve mentioned that Haden’s fav. team has always been the Cards, and in particular, his fav. player Larry Fitzgerald.  A couple weeks ago I said that they were looking pretty good, maybe they’d be in the Superbowl in their own state and stadium, to which he said no, that has never happened that a team has ended up in the SuperBowl if it is in their own state.  Of course, I used a time honored parenting gem; “There’s a first time for everything!”  I think he was on the other side of the house by then.  Back to the predictions, I asked why he said Eagles would win and he said, “Well, I always say that the Cardinals are underdogs, and then they win.” Ahhh, well played Haden.  As we all know, “it’s not crazy if it works.”

*****I may have also said in the above conversation that we could go to the SuperBowl if the Cardinals were there in Phoenix.  That’s crazy talk, but he got excited and then I said that I forgot how expensive tickets are for the SuperBowl.

******He said the Eagles would have no chance against the Broncos.  Funny, I think that’s what 9.5 out of 10 “experts” said about the Hawks vs. Broncs 2014.

Editors Note: (again)

It was good to work with Haden on this tonight, even after six hours of driving home, because I was away for a four-day girls weekend in Seattle with my mom.  It helped us to converse in the language of football to get back on the same page, me coming from girl centric weekend, and he from boy.  As for the rest of the season, I don’t know what to think.  I only really care about the Seahawks, and they’ve given me plenty to think about this season.  All I am sure of is that whatever and whoever, there will be football on this week at our house, and regarldless of who we are hoping will win, it will bring us together.


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