21 Shades of Purple: inspired

There are as many NFL Network series that Haden Eastman likes to watch as there are bags of chips on his side of the couch.  I like some, for example NFL AM (especially Eric Davis-like that guy) and to keep up with the current stories of the players.  One of our shared favorites is A Football Life.  While we both draw our own meanings and insight from these, we share a love of stories.

A couple of weeks back Haden watched A Football Life: Sean Taylor.  I heard him run upstairs and rustle around the homework desk.  Soon he brought me the picture above, and said it was his blog post.

I liked the fact that he was inspired so much that he immediately expressed it.  I wondered why, so I demanded on my TV and took in the story.  I hate the ones where the player isn’t around to even be interviewed.  It’s sad and tragic and frustrating.

Haden wrote “He was a motivator” on his art piece.  It took me a bit of thinking and wondering how he gleaned that from Sean’s story.

Sean Taylor was a strong man, his mind just as much as his body.  Driven by love of family so deep, and a responsiblity to those he loved so wide that it encompassed the whole of he was.  Everything he did was because it was either important to his goal of doing everything in his power to care for his loved ones, or he didn’t do because it was completely unimportant to his pursuit.

His was a quiet strength, he didn’t feel the need to talk to the media; he showed his passions in his work on the turf, and his time spent with family and friends in the concrete jungle of his neighborhood.

Haden loves family.  He likes it best when we are all together, the more the better. And his passion, if you asked him, is football.  I do believe that these drive Haden, are at his very core too.

While Haden has decided he doesn’t want to actually play football, he wants to be immersed in it.  He told me that his dream job would be to work at NFL Films, and I have said more than once that he would be a great play-by-play commentator.

The reasons I like football may be different from Haden’s, but we’re not that far apart.  It’s the people who play the game, love the game, talk about the game, and the ones who love them that drive the narrative that is Football.

And I for one am thankful that my son is inspired and motivated by gritty tales of the gridiron.

Lights. Camera. Action.

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