Fantasy Football revised….

9/23/14~Postscript:  Ouch. I just revised several parts of this story.  It was brought to my attention that parts of it were not necessarily fact, but just my emotions reacting.  I never intend to use my words to hurt.  And yet, sometimes they do.  I’m thankful that I was called on this, and it gave me a chance to step back and re read this post with Jesus’ eyes.  It hurt to see my mistakes; if there is anything I hate, it’s being on the wrong side of the gospel and the truth.  Not to mention the fact that I didn’t catch this myself.  It’s always my own insecurites and pain that prompt the blame(someone else) and shame(myself) game.  And neither of those is what God wants us to play.  I love words and stories so much, and I really hate when I’m imperfect, so this is a double yuck.  I’ve apologized to the ones I hurt unfairly, and asked God to repair and redeem the damage I’ve done. Now I am again brought to the foot of the cross, humbled by my weakness and His grace, and asking him to tape back together the torn pieces of the paper containing my words.


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