when the Seahawks didn’t win

There was something off.  Definitely off.  Well, on the Seahawks side of the game. Rivers and the Chargers conversely seemed to have had everything on.  I was nervous before the game, something I thought I’d left behind last season.  The 12th man contingency that was in San Diego for the game quelled my nerves a little, at least all of ‘us’ were there.  Almost from the start, though, something felt off about the Seahawks.  In fact, I spent most of the game totally confused, wondering what happened to our team.  It has been awhile since we’ve watched the Seahawks play like that.  Like where they never gain momentum.  Like where most of the team seems to have been reading different playbooks.  Like where they don’t come back at the end for a victory.

My mom and dad came over to watch the first half of the game with us; us being me, Mark (my husband), Haden (11), Liam (8), Finn (5). The eight and five year old were somewhere else in the house during most of the game, and only came up when they heard cheering-so not that much.  I admit I was a bit distracted, pricing mounds of boy clothes for our upcoming garage sale (ugh).  But every time I looked up, I got confused.  And then there was the remote issue.

We have the NFL Season Ticket as part of our tv package, and our oldest has been in football viewing heaven.  He was not there, however, viewing the game with all of us.  Every time the game cut to an ad break, Haden turned the channel to watch a few minutes of the other games that were playing.  My problem (and my mom’s) was that he never timed it perfectly, and we kept missing bits and pieces of the broadcast.  Maybe not a big deal for some, including my son, but she and I like to see everything about the game; the fan shots, the player close-ups, hear what the commentators are saying (well, not all the time).  My irritation grew every ad break, and soon it was a verbal ball game between Haden and I.  I’m pretty sure my parents were actually watching Haden and I with more interest than the game.

It went something like this.  “Haden, please turn it back. Now! I don’t want to miss anything.”; then he: “Mom, really?  I time it perfectly every time.  And who cares about watching the players close up shots in slow motion.  This is dumb.”  We pretty much kept it up through the first quarter until I said, “Why does Haden have control of the remote?? Mark, you take over!”  Haden protested, but surprisingly gave in, given the choice to go watch on my tv alone or stay with us.  It didn’t help.  I had thought that maybe missing those parts were making the game confusing.  Nope.  It just was.

When Russell and the offense brilliantly drove down the field and scored before half-time, my mom said, “This is where the game turns around.”  I totally agreed.  I mean, the Seahawks have had the ability to play through the whole game, the whole time, every time for several years now.  They outlast, outrun, outscheme, outplay in nearly every game.  This time, everything appeared to be backward in the bizarro- football-game-world I was watching play out in front of me.

We know how it ended.  Though I couldn’t bear to watch the actual end.  It just left me with a bad feeling, like it wasn’t really the Hawks. Today I found some solace in listening to my guys Brock and Salk’s morning podcast.  It took all three hours of the podcast, but I think we have all unraveled the mystery that was Seattle v. San Diego. And I priced a ton of clothes for our garage sale.

They’ll be back home this Sunday.  Playing the team that really wants to beat them again.  My mom, dad, Mark, bro-in-law Mike, and Haden will get to be there, twelving out.  And I’ll be here, watching and wishing I was there.  I hope our Seahawks show up for that game.

PS…Happy Birthday Pete!!! Hope you have a fantastic year!  And I’m sure the Hawks wished they would have won you a better gift.  #GoHawks! #WinForever #AlwaysCompete

more on the Seahawks, football and me: this girl loves football and #NoTime2Sleep …and a peek into an 11 year olds NFL predictions


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