this girl loves football


Okay, so the first week was a bit bumpy.  A little rusty.  The opponents were out to prove they couldn’t get blown out by the same team two games in a row. We the twelves were there, we had our guy’s backs.  We lost, but it felt more disappointing to the team than the fans.  There were funny Seahawks memes and jokes about Denver’s “super bowl”  win over the Hawks in the preseason game, week 1 on social media.  The thing is, we all knew it wasn’t that big of a deal.  Besides, most of that game, we (Hawks, who else) played the depth chart.  And it’s deep.  In every way that counts.  I said before that preseason IS a big deal (here).  It is.  It’s like dress rehearsal.  You’re just getting to see who really gets which role, and who really fits better here or there, and Pete Carroll is a master at set design, operations, talent acquisition and well, fun.

I have watched all three pre-season Seahawks games in their entirety.  That’s not entirely true, I watched while also pinteresting, listening to my Spotify, and writing.  It’s a nervous thing, not unlike pacing, or my eleven year old Haden’s proclivity to decide he wants to watch any other game-because he (and I) are so invested in our team doing well, that it can hurt when they hurt. Or maybe for him, embarrass him for whatever reason.  I did catch most of the big plays that are now replays, and threw my two cents in here and there, as if they could ever hear me in the Clink among all the other 12’s.

I love that Brock Huard has been commentator on these games. I just love listening to him talk Seahawks, he’s got such an affection for the team (he did play for the green and blue once upon a time too) and for the Northwest.  I’m soaking in the actual pro-Seahawk announcing because I know in a few mere weeks, I will be subjected to every other announcer in the NFL broadcasting department.  It will be interesting to see if the most jaded will be able to see the Hawks for what they are, and have been, a world-class team.  Old school modern and unafraid of what anyone else thinks.  I get it, that’s the way Seattle, Washington, and the Pacific Northwest have always been.  And it scares the hell out of people to see freedom at play, not give up and even more, work.

I think what I love even more than the spectacular plays of constantly changing guys, or being stunned to see even more athletic prowess than I had seen last year, or seeing veteran players coaching, encouraging and cheering for the rookies, even more than seeing the boys dancing on the sidelines, on the field, in the locker room (and this is saying alot because most of the above makes me cry or laugh or both)…I love seeing Pete Carroll’s reactions on the sidelines.  In each and every play he is There. He is present.  He loves the game.  He has someone constantly pulling him back into the sidelines because of his barely restrained excitement during extraordinary plays.  He loves seeing what happens next.  He is with his guys on the field.  He loves his PLAYERS.  The joy on his face when the players play as a team in motion, selfless, pulling off the impossible because each teamate is literally playing to their strengths with all their heart, soul, mind…whew…it’s awesome.  It’s how I want to be in my life.  All in.

Immediately after the Super Bowl last year, I hit Fanatics for my gear, Pinterest for my twelfth-man pinspiration and Amazon (another Seattle phenom) for my reading material.  I had to get my hands on anything Pete Carroll, Seahawks or Twelfth Man related.  My reading list included:  Notes from a Twelfth Man: A Truly Biased History of the Seattle Seahawks , 100 Things Seahawks Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die , Then Zorn said to Largent…The Best Seattle Seahawks Stories Ever Told , the Sports Illustrated Super Bowl XLVII Seattle Seahawks Special Commemorative Issue Single Issue Magazine-2014, Always Compete: An Inside Look at Pete Carroll and the USC Juggernaut and Win Forever; Live, Work and Play Like a Champion .  Yes, intense and thorough research on my guys.  (FYI: I get no kickback from any of the above.  I wish.)

The first one, Notes from a Twelfth Man, I loved.  Love the authors style, it was a fun read, and I picked up some more Seahawks trivia in the bargain.  The second one, 100 Things…, was, well, packed with info.  This guy knows his stuff, and has a huge database of knowledge, he’s also written for Field Gulls, which is itself, a pretty exhaustive site on all things Seattle Seahawks.  I cannot remember what I learned from that book, however, I do visit FieldGulls often to read up.  The Zorn/Largent book was a trip down memory lane, of stories I didn’t actually remember, but of an era that I fondly recall from my youth.  I ate up the SI issue. And I read the two Pete Carroll books in backward order.   I wish I would have read them the other way.  I guess I can pretend.  The USC one was a good history read on Pete’s life before Seattle.  Win Forever, that was a game-changer.  No pun intended.  Really.  So worth the read, and re-read.  I want to implement more of what Win Forever means in my own family; so far, we’re at the 5 yard line in our territory, it’s fourth down, and the chains haven’t moved.  Like Russell Wilson has said, “What’s the next play?”.  I am hopeful that play by play, we’ll get there.

I also check the Seattle Seahawks site when ever I need a fix, listen to a few podcasts from 710 ESPN Seattle ‘Brock and Salk’ (like this one-it’s a really entertaining one) when doing a mind numbing job like folding towels, and I just ordered Seattle Seahawks Super Season: Notes from a 12 on the Best Season in Seahawks History , the ‘sequel’ to the Notes from a Twelfth Man.  

I’m just a girl who likes her football.

I’ve got to pack now for a ‘quick’ 300 mile trip to Seattle (!!!!) to see a Mariners game this week with my two older boys.  I’ll take any excuse to go on a road trip.  And, it’s Seattle.  While I’m at it, I better read up on the M’s, too.

UPDATE:  When I got home from my trip, I grabbed my new book, thanks Amazon for Prime two day delivery!  I finished the above book in twenty four hours.  I didn’t read for twenty four, it just took a day between have-to’s to get to read it.  Loved it.  To relive the season through Mark Tye Turner’s take on it was a great 12 experience.  Go Hawks!


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