21 Shades of Purple


Today I’m introducing a regular feature writer:  My eleven year old son, Haden.  He has more than a passing interest in football; he lives, he eats and he breathes Football.  Last year he played junior tackle football, this year he opted out.

Today I told him that since he isn’t playing a sport this fall, then he is going to write a sports column for me to publish on my blog.  He laughed at my “easy” challenge and set out to write his first entry tonight.  (I had to type it though.  And it’s not really in written form, it’s a chart.  First timer.)

(Note:  Opinions of the following author by NO WAY reflect the opinions of the MessyJoyfull staff.  Which is me, his mom.)

2014 NFL

Playoff Predictions


1. Broncos (home field adv.)

2. Patriots (1st rd. bye)

3. Colts (div)

4. Bengals (div)

5. Chargers (wc)

6. Ravens (wc)


1.SEAHAWKS!!!!!! (home field adv.) emphasis added by editor

2. Saints (1st. rd. bye)

3. Packers (division)

4. Redskins (division)

5. 49ers (WC)

6. Cardinals (WC)

Playoff Games 2014:

Colts v. Chargers       Bengals v. Ravens                                               Packers v. Cardinals            Redskins v. 49ers

     Wildcard                       Wildcard                                                                Wildcard                             Wildcard

Broncos v. Chargers    Patriots v. Bengals                                              Seahawks v. Cardinals        Saints v. 49ers

      Divisional                      Divisional                                                               Divisional                           Divisional

            Broncos v. Bengals                                                                                               Sehawks v. Saints

             AFC Championship                                                                                               NFC Championship

                                                                  SEATTLE SEAHAWKS v. denver broncos

                                                                     SUPER BOWL 2015  in Phoenix, AZ

                                                                              score: Den 35-Sea 31

Note:  I asked Haden why he picked the super bowl attendees, he said, “Because the Seahawks have a really strong defense and the Broncos improved their defense and have a really strong offense.”  He also said he tried not to make the final SB score a blowout. (Oh, like the last superbowl?…)

While difficult to type his outlook for this year, I fully support his opinions, knowing that I’ve known something all along about football that may not be visible to the 11 year old boy eye; the Seahawks have something no other team in the NFL has.  I’ll stop at that because this is the point where he would roll his eyes and walk away.=)

#Go Hawks!


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